Supporting Education and Research

“Education is the most vital pillar to building a better future”

There is no greater tool to shape our future than education. By helping schools and institutions build annexes that advance their tutorial capabilities we are enabling future generations to fulfil their potential.

Our collaborations with Rishihood Foundation, Reimagining Higher Education Foundation and the India Bioscience Programmer has helped us create infrastructure, build universities, provide scholarships and enable research for the brightest minds coming through India’s education system.


CACTUS is a science communication and technology company that has been enabling science and research across the globe. It believes in creating advanced infrastructure with modern facilities for modern education needs.


Building education infrastructure

CACTUS has collaborated with Rishihood Foundation to create infrastructure for modern education by supporting initiatives like School of Healthcare, School of Education, School of Creativity, and School of Entrepreneurship and setting up Anatomy and Physiology Lab, Psychology Lab, Communication and Game Design Lab, Startup Garage, and Idea Factory. Scholarship has been provided to 126 students for various undergraduate and post-graduate programs.

1. School of Healthcare (SoHc)

S.No Labs under School of Healthcare
1.1 Anatomy and Physiology Lab
1.2 Clinical Pathology Lab
1.3 Clinical Biochemistry Lab

2. School of Education (SoEd)

S.No School of Education - Labs
2.1 Psychology Lab
2.2 Learning Resource Centre Lab
2.3 Art & Craft Lab
2.4 Language & ICT Lab
2.5 Computer Lab

3. School of Creativity (SoCr)

S.No School of Creativity - Labs
3.1 Communication & Game Design Lab
3.2 New Media & Printmaking Lab
3.3 Bamboo Innovation Lab
3.4 Fashion Studio Lab
3.5 Textile Studio Lab
3.6 Digital Media Lab
3.7 Visual Communication Lab
3.8 Photography Lab
3.9 Ceramic Studio Lab
3.10 Sculpture Studio Lab
3.11 Wood & Metal Lab

4. School of Entrepreneurship (SoEn)

S.No School of Entrepreneurship - Labs
4.1 Idea Factory
4.2 Validation Lab
4.3 Startup Garage
4.4 Launchpad

CACTUS has also contributed to scholarships to 126 students from across India in 2020 and 2021

S.No Combined Locations %
1 Haryana & Punjab 26%
2 Delhi NCR + MPCG+RJ 12%
3 UP (E+W)+BH+JH 16%
4 GJ, MH & Southern India 21%
5 Northeast & Sikkim 10%
6 International 15%
Total 100%

The scholarships enabled students to study in programs such as

Scholarship offered under different programs as follows
School Name Program Program Type
School of Education Bachelor of Arts - (Honors) - Education UG
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) - Psychology UG
School of Entrepreneurship BBA UG
BA Hons (Economics) UG
MBA (Business Management) PG
MBA (Entrepreneurship) PG
School of Creativity B.Des (Bachelor of Design) UG
BVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts) UG
M.Des (Master of Design) PG
School of Healthcare B. Sc (CVT) + MBA UG
MBA - Hospital Administration PG
Rashtram School of Public Leadership B.A (H) - Public Leadership UG
Rashtram Accelerator / MA PG

Building university

CACTUS is supporting Reimagining Higher Education Foundation, a sponsoring body of Plaksha University, to build a modern not-for-profit technology university that aims to solve real-world problems through transformational education in India. This is a long-term program which will create an impact in technology-based learning. The program aims to nurture the next generation of fearless leaders who will solve the toughest challenges of our planet. The learning system will empower graduates with a deep understanding of science and technology and nurture them to become critical thinkers, effective communicators, and empathetic creative leaders.

Enabling research

Through the India Bioscience Programme in collaboration with the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), CACTUS is contributing to educational and other programs for Indian institutions engaged in research and the vast Indian life sciences researcher community. CACTUS is helping bring to the Indian life sciences research community skill-building opportunities and novel perspectives on careers in science. The future of many nations lies in the advancement of their research, and CACTUS firmly believes in creating the platform that can take research to the next level.

Impact Numbers


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