Cactus Foundation is a global non-profit committed to help researchers, communities and society grow and flourish, through rain or shine.

Our Focus Areas


People impacted

Nurturing the technical skills and experience of employees, researchers and our partners.


Profit invested in the community

Utilizing the profits from our businesses to provide support and funds for research.


Products and services provided

Providing products and services free of cost to support activities and projects that help solve pressing problems.

Words from the leaders

"As an organization, our mission is to 'Enable People to Reach Their Highest Potential'. We have always believed in sustainable development and giving back to the society. The Cactus Foundation initiative has been a step in that direction. We are committed towards this cause, and we aim to use all our expertise and network we have built over the last 20 years."

Abhishek Goel

Cofounder and CEO


Pro-bono services for COVID-19 research

At a time when the world looked to science for the answers, lending researchers a helping hand was crucial.

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Editage Grant for Young Researchers

To harbour an inclusive research community, we provided support to young and new researchers by way of research grants.

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Cactus Foundation Mental Health Survey

What motivates researchers? What challenges them? And most importantly, how can we support them? We conducted one of the most diverse studies globally in academia

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