Pro-bono services for COVID-19 research

“Unprecedented times deem for unparalleled support.”

As the novel Coronavirus began spreading, it soon became evident that the need of the hour was for timely and accurate information related to the outbreak. Researchers had to transition from working in silos to tapping into each other’s expertise and adapting a multidisciplinary approach.

Cactus Communications joined hands with researchers worldwide by offering them pro bono access to Editage, a service that helps researchers edit and translate their research papers to English.

Project Details

In February 2020, Editage started offering pro bono manuscript preparation and research promotion services to authors researching the COVID-19 outbreak. These pro bono services were made available in all our markets with the aim of promoting COVID-19 research.

As of June 20, 2020, Editage received 850 requests for pro bono services, with 62% of the requests coming from China, followed by South Korea (22%), Japan (13%), and other countries (4%).

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